A global food

Nowadays, bread is something that we use to hold a sandwich together or as a side item. Bread in modern Western culture is not really a necessity, one could function quite easily without bread. Not so in biblical days. At the very centre of life during the times of Jesus and earlier. Without bread there was no life.

The bibles tells of ‘matzoh’ which the Israelites ate as they fled Egypt. Because a former slaves dough had not time to rise, they baked it on their backs as they escaped into the desert. In central Asia where both grain and fuel are scarce, nomads make small thin rounds that are cooked quickly over fire. To survive long, cold winters the people of hung out rings of bread from the rafters, when bread is needed a ring is brought down, moistened with water and is ready to eat. Breaking bread with a neighbour was an important social act. As the most famous prayer begins:

‘Our father who art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy name
Give us this day our daily bread….

The first raised breads were baked in Egypt around 4000BC. Over the centuries bread has travelled and evolved reflecting the diversity of human culture and an ability to adapt according to environment.